Your leading sales partner in international trade
Expand your market share and competitive strength in over 40 countries, with our industry-specific sales teams and strategic collaboration.
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Why Crosstrader?
Strategic access, customized solutions, end-to-end support, and innovative approaches: Our business model's four main pillars are designed to help you achieve your global goals.
  • global-reach-logo Global Reach Network in 40+ Countries
  • tailor-made-strategies-logo Customized Strategies Industry-Specific Solutions
  • end-to-end-support-logo End-to-End Support Comprehensive Consulting
  • innovation-logo Innovative Approaches Increase in Competitive Strength
Extensive Global Network: Access in Over 40 Countries
With our representatives in over 40 countries worldwide, we offer comprehensive sales and marketing solutions for every sector. We enable our clients to effectively participate in the global market.
Customized Sales and Marketing Strategies
"We develop customized strategies tailored to each customer's needs. By understanding the characteristics of your industry and the dynamics of your target market, we ensure effective results.
End-to-End Consulting and Support
We facilitate your export and import processes with end-to-end consulting and support services, streamlining your business processes and increasing efficiency." "Increase Market Share and Competitive Strength
Increase Market Share and Competitive Strength
To help you gain a competitive edge in the global market, we offer innovative approaches to expand your market share and enhance your competitive strength.
Industries We Serve
From agriculture to technology, textiles to wood, we offer services in a wide range with industry-specific expertise and customized solutions.
  • Automotive and Spare Parts Innovative vehicles and quality spare part supply.
  • Electronics and Technology High-tech products and modern electronic solutions.
  • Food and Agriculture Nutritious, sustainable agricultural products and healthy food options.
  • Machinery and Equipment Advanced machines and equipment for industrial efficiency.
  • Textiles and Clothing Textile products and clothing that combine fashion and quality.
  • Iron and Steel Durable and high-quality iron and steel products.
  • Chemicals A variety of chemical solutions for industrial and consumer needs.
  • Wood and Forestry Sustainable forest products and quality wood materials.
How Do We Get Started?
Step 1
Needs Analysis
We determine a sales strategy that fits your goals. We examine your products and your target market.
Step 2
Team Formation
Thanks to our AI-supported matching system, we arrange meetings with sales professionals who have industry-specific experience. We quickly hire through our training and integration process.
Step 3
Performance Monitoring and Reporting
With our monthly evaluation meetings and detailed performance reports, we provide continuous feedback and improve processes.
Success Stories
We have created success stories in the global sales journey of more than 100 local producers.
About Us
Crosstrader collaborates with over 5,000 elite and experienced sales professionals in more than 40 countries, offering unique solutions to manufacturers for entering global markets. Our innovative business model and extensive talent network aim to simplify and strengthen manufacturers' sales processes.

Our Mission
As Crosstrader, our fundamental goal is to ensure our clients' success in international trade. With end-to-end solutions in over 40 countries, we serve a wide range of sectors from automotive to technology, and from food to textiles and clothing. Our customized sales and marketing strategies directly target sectoral needs, enabling our clients to gain a competitive advantage in the global market.

Our Vision
To shape the future of the trading world and be a leader in the constantly evolving global markets. In line with this vision, we help our clients transcend boundaries with our innovative strategies and extensive network. We strive to provide sustainable and effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of every client in every sector.

  • 40+ Active Countries
  • 100+ Business Partners
  • 250M+ USD Trade Volume
  • 98% Satisfaction
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Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you offer as Crosstrader?
As Crosstrader, we offer international trade consulting, customized sales and marketing strategies, end-to-end support, and industry-specific solutions in more than 40 countries. Our goal is to ensure the success of our clients in the global market.
Which sectors do you serve?
We serve a wide variety of sectors, from automotive to electronics and technology, and from food and agriculture to textiles and clothing. We develop customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each sector.
At what stages of international trade do you provide support?
We provide support at every stage of international trade, from product selection to market research, from the development of sales strategies to logistics and customs procedures.
What kind of strategies do you develop to gain a competitive advantage in the global market?
We develop personalized strategies based on the unique needs of each client. Using data such as market trends, customer demographics, and competitive analysis, we strengthen our clients' positions in the market.
How does the process work for new clients who want to collaborate?
For new clients, we start with a detailed discussion to understand their needs and objectives. Then, we develop a business plan and strategy specific to their industry and target market. Following this, we work together step by step to implement the plan.